Institutional Repositories · 33
Workload considerations
Hired a full-time programmer/systems administrator
One library assistant is available for IR project
Overlap in membership with related initiatives such as e-research review
Percentage of FTE available for time on task
Pilot project assigned to one of the library’s interns
Other criteria
Demonstrated interest in the IR project (4)
Demonstrated interest in scholarly communication issue
Unicode knowledge
Willingness to take on additional work
If no, please explain below how responsibility was/will be delegated for planning and
implementing the IR. N=5
Selected Comments from Respondents
Have an IR
“Note, since we adopted the bepress commercial platform (after testing ePrints), most of our work was
analysis, spec, testing, rather than architecting and coding. The critical task was managing co-development
with vendor based on information gleaned from faculty and CDL testers.”
“Core project team decentralized teams to analyze function issues and to set standards and policies.”
Planning an IR
“[Our consortium has] provided, with some participation from their members, a DSpace platform titled
‘Research Commons.’ So, the platform exists, is public, and is currently providing access. Different schools are
in different stages of planning and implementation. We have mounted some important collections without an
overall plan, and we now are in critical tipping point to establish credible and useful IR policies.”
“Once we agreed on platform, a full time librarian project leader was assigned to fully develop the IR plan and
to implement. A technical staff member was also assigned for approximately 30% of her time to assist project
“IR is being deployed by and at our consortium, OhioLINK. Staffing, hardware, and funding are centralized.
Steering Committee is state wide. Working committees will be state wide.”
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