Institutional Repositories · 55
Ongoing Operation N=16
N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
Total 16 $8,600 $500,000 $113,913 $71,750 133,494
Have 14 $8,600 $500,000 $113,543 $41,750 143
Planning 2 $100,000 $133,000 $116,500 $116,500 23,335
Total Have Planning
$25,000 4 4
$25,000–49,999 4 4
$100,000–124,999 3 2 1
$125,000–149,999 2 1 1
≥$150,000 3 3
Selected Comments from Respondents
Have an IR
“During the ETD pilot project, a programmer was needed full time and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and
the libraries split the start-up costs for the programmer salary. The IR is still under development and the
programmer is currently spending almost 50% of his time on IR development and support.”
“The amount indicated for start-up cost is for hardware we do not have a figure for salary cost during that
period. The amount indicated for ongoing operation is for salaries only.”
“Costs are estimates (some ongoing costs not known at this initial point of startup.)”
“Does not include existing staff costs for IR coordination, marketing &liaison with faculty, training. These
activities will be absorbed into existing library responsibilities.”
“Ongoing operation will, for now, be integrated in the regular operation budget of the library.”
“Operations to be streamlined into normal workflow procedures.”
“Funds for a server, one year of entry level librarian’s salary (reference librarian DSpace Coordinator) student
wages, and publicity for a total start-up cost of $150,000.”
“Includes 24/7 technical support, site set up for faculty units, training of unit administrators, report generation,
“Costs are for the license for system plus high level of staff currently managing the system. Staff costs could
be less. Some academic departments use students to help faculty deposit materials.”
“Start-up IR costs have been absorbed within existing University Libraries budgets. Ongoing supports are
budgeted for application licenses. Personnel and costs for the expansion of the server array are under
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