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Planning an IR
“One of the programmer analysts is in library school.”
“Special Collections has been a very good leader in the original usage of the IR—they have done the most
work to date in the establishment of interim meta-data standards and policies for collection inclusion. The
departure of the head of special collections in fall 2005 has stalled our efforts at effective policy creation and
implementation. In concert with LIT, Special Collections is critical to the useful integration of any IR activities.
However, whether they ‘own’ the IR is very much up in the air.”
“We expect that only the librarians will be active in promoting and teaching the IR.”
Unit 3
Have an IR N=15
Name of unit IR responsibility Manager’s title Unit reports to
Administration Environmental scanning
university administration
Associate Dean for Public
Services &Collection
Dean of Libraries
Archives &Special
Planning Head, Archives and Special
Director of Libraries
Archives and Special
Input content University Archivist
Collection Services Collection/Subject librarians
are liaisons with faculty
Head of Collection
Associate University
Librarian, Collection
Library Technical Services Provide metadata for
selected collections
AUL Director of Library
Information Technology
Document repository
(Digital Commons)
Assistant Dean for IT Dean of Libraries
Library Coordinate project,
maintain upload
submission forms,
metadata database and
public interface
Liaison Librarian University Librarian
Library Systems Server administration &
Supervising Programmer/
Associate Vice President for
University Libraries (chief
administrative officer for
the University Libraries)
Office of Information
Server administration,
batch data loading,
Senior Systems Manager Chief Information Officer
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