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8. Please describe the various units (up to four) in your institution that have/will have
responsibility for the ongoing operation of the IR. These units may be within the library, the
institution’s IT unit, or some other unit. It is understood that many units in the library (or
elsewhere) will play a part in overall IR support however, the intent of this question is to
identify the major players. Indicate name of the unit, the unit’s IR responsibilities, the title of
the unit manager, the title of the person to whom the unit reports, the number of individuals
in each staff category, and total FTE in each staff category. Please provide any comments that
help explain the responsibilities for the ongoing management of the IR. N=58
Unit 1
Have an IR N=34
Name of unit IR responsibility Manager’s title Unit reports to
Bibliographic Services Planning and
Head Bibliographic Services
Digital Acquisitions
Management and Licensing
Digital acquisitions
management and licensing
Head Associate University
Librarian for Collection
Management and Scholarly
Digital Collections
Center—Library Unit
Project management,
outreach, repository
administrative support
Head, Digital Collections
Assistant Director for
Technology for General
Library System
Digital Development Unit IR software development
and updates
Chief, Research and Digital
Development Section
Director, Support and
Development Services
Digital Initiatives Primary IR builder DI Department Head Associate Director for
Technical Services
Digital Initiatives Local digital content
development (including
Coordinator of Digital
Content Development
Assistant Dean of
Libraries for Scholarly
Digital Initiatives Marketing, input, education Head, Digital Initiatives Dean, University Libraries
Digital Initiatives Group Special Collections
Head, Archives &Special
Dean of Libraries
Digital Initiatives Unit Programming user needs
Director, Digital Library
Three assistant deans
Digital Library and
Information Systems Team
Digital libraries, systems,
workstations, servers
Team Leader Dean of the Libraries
Digital Library and
Information Technology
Library systems group Director of Library Systems AUL for Digital Library and
Information Technology
Digital Library Initiative Maintain, add functionality,
work with constituents in
using it
Executive Director, Digital
Library Initiative
Vice Provost/University
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