Institutional Repositories · 71
Please specify other depositor category.
“Affiliated hospital consortium”
“Affiliated staff (State Surveys located on campus)”
“All contributors must be approved by IR team”
“Any faculty-sponsored materials”
“Any materials must have approval of the department chair or research center director.”
“Any UC author of published material can deposit a postprint.”
“Anything that is faculty sponsored, so it could include student papers.”
“Document produced by organizations, such as Chemistry Department newsletter and financial reports of
university administration”
“Faculty or departments may sponsor student work for deposit.”
“Library archival collections”
“Masters/doctoral theses will be accepted during the pilot range of materials will increase over time.”
“University press books”
“Outside faculty and contributors”
“Product from digitization initiatives”
“Research partners external to the university”
“Special collections in digital format”
“Too early to tell whose materials will be deposited.”
17. Are documents that are submitted by authorized users reviewed and approved for deposit to
ensure copyright compliance or for other reasons? N=49
Documents are not reviewed (authors are solely responsible for their
18 37% 14 41% 4 27%
Designated departmental or unit officials review and approve
16 33% 12 35% 4 27%
IR staff review and approve documents 9 18% 7 21% 2 13%
Other reviewer 6 12% 1 3% 5 33%
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