44 · SPEC Kit 292
Library Digital Programs Software decisions,
ingestion of data,
development of technical
Associate Director for the
Libraries Digital Programs
Associate Director for the
Libraries Digital Programs
Library Digital Services/Web
Design and organization of
IR site training of IR site
n/a Library Associate Dean
Library ITS Technical support Director, Library Information
Technology Services
Association University
Librarian (Information
Library Special Collections University archives and
library special collections
Head of Special Collections Associate University
Librarian for Collections
Library Systems Department Support online catalog and
other systems
Head, LSD AD for ISDA
Library Technology Team Management of technology
Chief Technology Officer Deputy Director
Metadata IR metadata Metadata coordinator
Network Computing Centre Manage server, handle
backups, etc.
Deputy Provost, Chief
Information Officer
Services IR promotion, education,
faculty liaison
Associate University
Librarian, Services
University Librarian
Systems Software specification
assistance, support
Greenstone software
Interim Chair, Systems
Interim Assistant Director
for Support Services
Systems Systems AUL for Systems University Librarian
Unit 2
Librarian N=30
#of Staff N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
Total 30 1.0 16.0 2.9 1.0 4.1
Have 18 1.0 15.0 3.1 1.0 4.1
Planning 12 1.0 16.0 2.7 1.5 4.2
Total FTE N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
Total 26 .02 16.0 1.9 1.0 3.8
Have 15 .02 13.0 1.4 .5 3.3
Planning 11 .10 16.0 2.5 1.0 4.5
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