50 · SPEC Kit 301
where the tutorials are built currently.”
“Our program began small in the late 1980s and gradually grew to encompass all departments by the
mid-1990s. A liaison is essentially the librarian for that department and handles collection development,
instruction, research consultations, and outreach to the academic department.”
“Some librarians have gotten space in departments to hold ‘office hours’ in the department for faculty, staff,
and students.”
“Still a work in progress, with liaisons settling into their new roles.”
“Subject teams have liaisons from collection management, research &information services, and the branch
“The liaison aspect of librarian’s jobs is increasingly going far beyond the traditional collection-focused
“The library does not have specific positions designated as ‘liaison librarian.’ Different aspects of liaison
work are performed by librarians in various ‘departments,’ e.g., ‘education and instruction,’ and collection
“The promotion of liaison activities to our faculty and academic departments is a major strategic initiative for
our library. Our subject librarians are a key component and central to the success of this strategy.”
“This area of library service is currently under review and transition in our library. For instance, we are looking
at a more team-based approach to faculty outreach and liaison services.”
“This survey is focused on connecting with academic departments. We also do a great deal of outreach and
liaison activity to other university entities including administrative units, pre-college students, dormitories,
student groups, etc. For instance, our undergraduate services librarians have no formal connections to
departments, but they, and many other liaisons, connect with these other entities on a regular basis. We have
developed a staff interest group called the Liaison Forum. This group is coordinated by current liaisons, and
develops programming and discussion opportunities pertaining to liaison activities.”
“We are currently in the process of an internal reorganization that will affect who or what department has
overall responsibility for coordinating liaison services thus some of the answers here may not reflect future
“We have 28 liaisons scattered throughout the organization. Our liaisons are subject librarians and collection
managers as well as providing many other services.”
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