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“In the 31 years that I have worked here, we have offered some form of liaison services, so I am unsure what
year this started. They have evolved over time.”
“Informally, we have been doing this forever branch and reference department librarians served as liaisons
based on subject/discipline knowledge in 1993, ‘connection development,’ our term for liaison work, was
assigned to all the librarians in Subject Teams.”
“It has always been integral to a collections librarian role.”
“Late 1980s.”
“Many years ago.”
“Mid to late 1960s.”
“Since services began here...probably 1701. The Library had a fundamental role in the history of the
“Sometime in the 1970s.”
“Sometime prior to 1975 everyone who has worked here since then says the program was already in place.”
“To my knowledge, as long as the library has been in existence there has been liaising with the departments.”
“Too long ago to know.”
2. How were the liaison roles determined? Check all that apply. N=59
Library administrative decision 44 75%
Librarian’s perceived needs of academic department(s) 33 56%
Informal conversations with members of the academic department(s) 22 37%
Formal meetings with academic department groups 13 22%
Surveyed members of the academic department(s) 7 12%
Other, please specify 13 22%
“At this point, no one here knows what the history of the decision was. The university is 50 years old, and
we’ve had liaison librarians for as long as any of us recall.”
“Collection Development librarians liaise in areas related to collection development while education and
instruction librarians liaise related to instructional areas.”
“Departmental or program initiative.”
“Historic practice set by earlier collection development assignments.”
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