Liaison Services · 19
Percentage N=17
Departments N=21
“A range of departments in sciences, (campus strength), social sciences, and humanities disciplines.”
“Across the board no pattern among colleges. Some more interested in research support or collection
development, others in instruction, etc.”
“All sciences and engineering, anthropology, English, history, schools of management, sociology, education,
Latin American Institute, native American Studies, Chicano/Hispano/Mexicano studies, Architecture, Fine and
performing arts.”
“All departments make some use of liaison service, although in some cases it is very basic, e.g., a request for
purchase, but it can go right up to asking liaison to be part of a research team. There is a very wide range of
“All departments receive at least minimal communication (1–2 times per year to the departmental rep) from
the liaison. History, Chemistry, Entomology, and a couple of the Education departments seem to have strong
ties with their liaisons and request services on a regular basis.”
“Almost all of the social science and humanities departments take advantage of the library’s liaisons with Art,
Business, English, History, Political Science, and Geography being some of the most engaged.”
“Departments in all academic colleges (Architecture, Music, Engineering, Natural Science, Humanities, Social
“English, History, Art, Spanish, East Asian, biology, chemistry, geology, geography music, philosophy, classics,
religious studies computer science, Italian, etc.”
“Environmental Sciences, Spanish and Portuguese, Religious Studies, Political Science, Asian American Studies,
Women’s Studies, History, Black Studies, French, English.”
percentage of departments
N 1 1 3 1 1 3 4 1 2
50 50 60 65 70 75 80 85 90
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