24 · SPEC Kit 301
“Successful liaison work depends on a blend of the librarian and finding someone in a department that is
interested. Activity waxes and wanes with personal relationships.”
“Various liaison librarians are trying various means to profitably interact with their departments; this is up to
the individual liaison librarian.”
“We look for every opportunity to increase faculty and student awareness of what the library has to offer.”
“We take a heavy collections-related approach to liaison activities based on feedback from faculty and
assessed impact.”
Liaison Services Eligibility
6. Which members of the department are eligible for liaison services? Check all that apply. N=61
Teaching/Research faculty 60 98%
Other faculty (Adjunct, term, non-tenure track, lecturer, etc.) 57 93%
Graduate teaching assistants 52 85%
Graduate students 50 82%
Administrative staff 47 77%
Undergraduate students 44 72%
Other, please specify 10 16%
“Anyone in the department who has an information need.”
“General public in certain capacities.”
“If by liaison services we include all user services (reference, instruction, etc.) and collection development
issues with members of a department community, then all of the above are served.”
“Not differentiated by affiliation with university.”
“Other faculty: includes sessional instructors. Administrative staff: includes department staff, grad students as
research assistants.”
“Outreach to specific populations and interest groups; Friends of the Library.”
“Students from other schools. General public (reference questions).”
“The focus of liaison is the faculty and grad students but administrative staff or undergraduate students would
not be rebuffed.”
“Visiting faculty and research fellows.”
“Visiting scholars.”
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