44 · SPEC Kit 301
Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3
Ensure all faculty know of the liaison
Continue to ensure that liaison
personnel are included in
department curriculum committee
Get them out of the library and in to
the departments!...A challenge for
Establishing and maintaining
communications with academic
Receiving feedback and input from
faculty and students regarding the
effectiveness of library services,
including such matters as the
library’s web site and assessment of
electronic resources that are on trial.
Designing services that respond
to the needs of today’s students,
faculty, and researchers.
Finding adequate resources
for both staffing, especially in
terms of numbers, and collection
development, where funding is
inadequate to needs and existing
funds and tired in serials bundles.
Defining our roles as liaisons vs
traditional roles as subject librarians.
This includes understanding and
coming to terms with information-
seeking behaviors of students: blogs,
social networking, etc.
‘Advertising’ our services effectively,
using both traditional subject
librarian venues and newer venues
and potential audiences.
Finding time. Keeping up with wide and changing
Keeping up with changes in the
departments or colleges.
Finding time to go beyond collection
work and IL instruction for the
Communicating with and engaging
the liaison unit.
Librarians overcoming their own
shyness vis-a-vis faculty and not
being able to meet demands.
Generating interest in the library and
getting someone in the teaching
department assigned to the library
and getting them to respond.
Finding effective means of
communication. Our Engineering
Dean refused to have library info on
their e-mail list!
Meeting the collection development
needs with our limited budget.
Getting access to a venue where
relevant issues might be discussed
such as departmental meetings
and departmental curriculum
development committee meetings.
Getting time in the day to discuss
issues with individual faculty and
researchers who are very busy
and have numerous pressing
Getting data from university sources
that would inform liaison activities.
Getting constituency to listen some
actively resist.
Marketing our services and
Workload factors—-it takes a lot to
make this work.
Getting departments to utilize liaison
Getting librarians to promote liaison
Finding effective ways to
communicate with departments
without becoming a pest or adding
to information overload.
Getting faculty and student
Broad scope of job. Ever changing landscape in libraries.
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