28 · SPEC Kit 301
“Subject knowledge desire to work with users (interest and willingness).”
“Subject librarians are by definition those with specialized subject expertise who are assigned liaison duties
with one or more academic departments.”
“Subject specialization acquired primarily through degree programs.”
“Tenure-track librarians with public services responsibilities are included. (In addition to liaison services their
other responsibilities include reference, instruction, and collection development.) The dean, associate deans,
and most heads of departments are not assigned liaison tasks. Two catalogers with language expertise
are assigned to the languages departments. Three special-collections librarians (about half) have liaison
“The collection managers (i.e., those assigned to select materials for the collection) are responsible for liaison
to departments.”
“There are only a very few librarians who do not have liaison responsibilities. Most do, so the term ‘some’
doesn’t really capture it we’re much closer to ‘all.’ Also, the term ‘some’ suggests to me that there’s some type
of selection process involved, but that’s not the case.”
“These duties are included in the job description when they are hired.”
“Those that have public service and subject specialization among their responsibilities. Generally, catalogers,
preservationists, acquisitions experts and others working other than public services are not given such
responsibilities, but this isn’t always the case.”
“We hire public services librarians to specifically serve in these roles. In general, we expect some in-depth
knowledge of their subject, interpersonal skills and solid librarian skills.”
If other library professionals are assigned liaison responsibility, please list their position title(s).
“Administrative staff, including associate deans, development office staff, and head of university copyright
office (housed in libraries).”
“Administrators, some technologists.”
“Cinema Studies and Media Services Specialist.”
“Electronic services librarians.”
“Film and Video Curator, Visual Resources Curator.”
“I am assuming that you mean people in professional positions who lack an MLS. Subject Librarian Digital
Services and Technology Support Reference Librarian Director, Special Collections Library Head, Scholar’s
“Language cataloger.”
“Language specialists (e.g., Asian languages) Library Manager, Geological Sciences Library.”
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