26 · SPEC Kit 301
“As mentioned in question 2, subject librarians act as liaisons in most cases and for some issues/projects the
head of the library will be the liaison.”
“Based on collection development needs.”
“Based on subject expertise, desires of the librarians, and department needs.”
“Bibliographer responsibilities.”
“Depends on whether that library provides services. In Arts and Science, all bibliographers and reference
librarians have assignments.”
“Former subject librarians has transmografied into liaison librarians.”
“Generally librarians in Public Services or Collection Management Divisions, where faculty/student interaction
is part of daily or regular activities. Some librarians in Technical Services also have very specific responsibilities
for collection management.”
“Integral to the role of the Research &Instructional Services Librarians with research, instruction, and
collections responsibilities.”
“Job descriptions for ‘Research Librarian’ positions specify liaison responsibilities, so librarians are hired and/
or appointed to fulfill these duties. Research Librarians are responsible for reference, instruction, and collection
development for one or more subject areas and they serve as liaisons to academic departments and research
“Job duties of subject specialists (bibliographers) involve liaison relationships with the appropriate academic
“Liaison librarians are hired expressly for that role.”
“Liaison librarians are hired specifically to perform that function. Generally, selection is based on evidence of a
wide range of skills.”
“Liaison responsibilities are assigned to Information Services librarians, who have reference, instruction, and
research support responsibilities.”
“Librarians are assigned to match the subject areas that they do collection development.”
“Librarians are hired with subject background and/or experience with the assigned user groups and with
strong social skills.”
“Librarians located in the Research and Education Division.”
“Librarians should have subject, format, or language expertise.”
“Librarians with collection development assignments in specific disciplines are assigned liaison responsibilities
with corresponding academic departments/programs. Some librarians with collection development
responsibilities are available for instruction for classes or individuals in corresponding academic departments/
“Librarians with collection development responsibilities.”
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