Liaison Services · 39
“Varies, depending on the librarian passing on the responsibilities.”
“We create a training checklist that covers their duties as a subject librarians, including their outreach and
liaison responsibilities to academic departments.”
“We have a document called Subject Specialist Roles and Responsibilities that we created in 2006 that
outlines the full range of liaison responsibilities. Informal training in collection development faculty liaison
techniques, informal training regarding instruction outreach techniques, sharing between colleagues and
discussion regarding liaison relationships at collection development meetings.”
“We have just produced a manual for new liaison’s use. They meet with collection development librarian and
fellow liaisons.”
“While not formal training, this is included as part of supervisor’s direction/mentoring of new employees.”
“Yes, but the training is not part of a formal program.”
Administration of Liaison Services
14. How are liaison services administered? Select the one choice below that best describes the
situation in your library. N=61
Self-administered by each liaison 28 46%
Centrally administered by a liaison coordinator or manager 8 13%
Centrally administered by a liaison committee 5 8%
Centrally administered by library administration 3 5%
Other, please specify 17 29%
“Administered by two team leaders for Collection Management and Research and Instructional Services.”
“Administration of liaison services varies by unit. The Libraries’ Public Services Committee does not officially
coordinate liaison services, but does provide a vehicle for system-wide efforts related to liaison services.”
“Also have some overarching coordination and supervision from head of collection development, head of
reference, and director of public services.”
“Assignments of liaison librarians are by the University Librarian in consultation with the head of the librarian’s
home department.”
“Centrally coordinated by several library managers (Reference, Collection Development, Branch Services,
Instructional Media), but each liaison determines his or her own practices, which are tailored to meet the
needs of specific departments/programs or individuals.”
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