SP125 Tech Svcs Cost Studies
SP124 Barcoding of Collections
SP123 Microcomp Software Policies
SP122 End-User Search Svcs
SP121 Bibliographic Instruction
SP120 Exhibits
SP119 Catalog Maintenance Online
SP118 Unionization
SP117 Gifts &Exchange Function
SP116 Organizing for Preservation
SP115 Photocopy Services
SP114 Binding Operations
SP113 Preservation Education
SP112 Reorg of Tech and Pub Svcs
SP111 Cooperative Collection Dev
SP110 Local Cataloging Policies
SP109 Staff Training for Automation
SP108 Strategic Planning
SP107 University Archives
SP106 Electronic Mail
SP105 Nonbibliographic Dbases
SP104 Microcomputers
SP103 Asst/Assoc Dir Position
SP102 Copyright Policies
SP101 User Studies
SP100 Collection Security
SP099 Branch Libraries
SP098 Telecommunications
SP097 Building Renovation
SP096 Online Catalogs
SP095 Lib Materials Cost Studies
SP094 Fund Raising
SP093 User Instructions for Online Cats
SP092 Interlibrary Loan
SP091 Student Assistants
SP090 Integrated Lib Info Systems
SP089 Tech Svcs Cost Studies
SP088 Corporate Use of Research Libs
SP087 Collect Descript/Assessment
SP086 Professional Development
SP085 Personnel Classification Sys
SP084 Public Svcs Goals &Objectvs
SP083 Approval Plans
SP082 Document Delivery Systems
SP081 Services to the Disabled
SP080 Specialty Positions
SP079 Internships/Job Exchanges
SP078 Recruitment-Selection
SP077 Use of Small Computers
SP076 Online Biblio Search Svcs
SP075 Staff Development
SP074 Fees for Services
SP073 External User Services
SP072 Executive Review
SP071 User Surveys: Eval of Lib Svcs
SP070 Preservation Procedures
SP069 Prep Emergencies/Disasters
SP068 AACR2 Implement Studies
SP067 Affirm Action Programs
SP066 Planning Preserv of Lib Mat
SP065 Retrospective Conversion
SP064 Indirect Cost Rates
SP063 Collective Bargaining
SP062 Online Biblio Search Svcs
SP061 Status of Librarians
SP060 Lib Materials Cost Studies
SP059 Microform Collections
SP058 Goals &Objectives
SP057 Special Collections
SP056 External Communication
SP055 Internl Com/Staff &Super Role
SP054 Internal Com/Policies &Proced
SP053 Performance Appraisal
SP052 Cost Studies &Fiscal Plan
SP051 Professional Development
SP050 Fringe Benefits
SP049 Use of Annual Reports
SP048 External Fund Raising
SP047 Automated Cataloging
SP046 Plan Future of Card Catalog
SP045 Changing Role Personnel Officer
SP044 Automated Acquisitions
SP043 Automated Circulation Sys
SP042 Resource Sharing
SP041 Collection Assessment
SP040 Skills Training
SP039 Remote Storage
SP038 Collection Dev Policies
SP037 Theft Detection &Prevent
SP036 Allocation Materials Funds
SP035 Preservation of Lib Materials
SP034 Determin Indirect Cost Rate
SP033 Intergrat Nonprint Media
SP032 Prep, Present Lib Budget
SP031 Allocation of Resources
SP030 Support Staff, Student Assts
SP029 Systems Function
SP028 Gifts &Exchange Function
SP027 Physical Access
SP026 Bibliographic Access
SP025 User Statistics and Studies
SP024 User Surveys
SP023 Grievance Policies
SP022 Private Foundations
SP021 Paraprofessionals
SP020 Managerial Technical Specialists
SP019 Staff Allocations
SP018 Staff Development
SP017 Library Instruction
SP016 Reclassification
SP015 Goals &Objectives
SP014 Performance Review
SP013 Planning Systems
SP012 Acquisition Policies
SP011 Collection Development
SP010 Leave Policies
SP009 Tenure Policies
SP008 Collective Bargaining
SP007 Personnel Class Schemes
SP006 Friends of the Lib Organizations
SP005 Performance Review
SP004 Affirmative Action
SP003 A Personnel Organization
SP003 Status of Librarians
SP002 Personnel Survey (flyer only)
SP001 Organization Charts
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