18 · SPEC Kit 301
“I don’t know. I was not here at the time. These services have been in place for decades.” (Three other similar
“In response to outreach opportunities.”
“Liaison responsibilities are linked mostly with subject responsibilities, therefore subject librarians who look
after collection development, reference and instruction are liaisons for the corresponding department(s). In
some cases (we have 18 libraries) or for some specific issues/projects, the head of the library will be the liaison
and not the subject librarian.”
“Team leaders of Collection Management, Research Services, and Instructional Services articulated liaison role
in document.”
“University library committee’s advice and suggestions.”
“We hire librarians to have general responsibilities as liaisons and then let each of them work out with their
departments how large or small that role will be.”
Liaison Assignment
3. Does the library assign a liaison to every academic department? N=61
Yes, to every department 52 85%
No, to only some departments 9 15%
Department Participation
4. Do all of these departments take advantage of the services provided by library liaisons? N=61
Yes 37 61%
No 24 39%
If no, please estimate the percentage of academic departments that actively participate in the
library liaison activities and describe which departments those are.
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