36 · SPEC Kit 301
New Liaison Training
13. Do new liaisons receive training related to their new responsibilities? N=59
Yes 55 93%
No 4 7%
If yes, please briefly describe the training liaisons receive. N=52
“All liaison librarians meet with and receive training for the Collection Development Coordinator and
the Acquisitions Librarian. They also meet regularly with their department chair and discuss their liaison
“An overview of what is listed on the Web site and what some of their colleagues are doing.”
“As part of their orientation to their unit, they will receive information about doing reference and collection
development work. We also have in-house programs on best practices in outreach and liaison.”
“Collection Development Librarian meets with the liaison and department.”
“Collection development: one session introduction to basic activities and procedures follow-ups as needed.
Reference: Orientation and peer training. Instruction: Head of Instruction provides orientation and team
teaching opportunities. When relevant workshops are available, off-campus training.”
“Department head, Collection Development Coordinator, and colleagues provide training.”
“Extensive background on the institution, the various systems needed to manage collection funds and order
materials. Special features about the department’s faculty/researchers and curriculum...and then all sorts of
orientations to the library system and people important to know.”
“For instruction, they observe other instruction librarians. For collection development librarians, they attend an
orientation session when they first start.”
“For new staff a basic introduction to the process assistance with composing a ‘welcome’ e-mail for faculty
and students assistance with contacting appropriate administrators.”
“Formal mentoring by an experienced liaison collection development training reference training regular
workshops access to liaison working tools.”
“Have a training manual. Are assigned a ‘buddy’ (another liaison) to go to in addition to supervisor, meets
with all liaisons to learn how they do their work.”
“If by training to the liaison responsibilities you mean training for all liaison services mentioned in question 11
(reference, instruction, etc.), yes they do receive training. There is no formal training though to communication
strategies/culture with an academic department.”
“Informal mentoring and one-on-one training.”
“Informal mentoring on how to meet the expectations/goals in the performance evaluation. Discussions within
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