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Liaison Services
11. What services do liaisons offer to their assigned department(s)? Check all that apply. N=61
Departmental outreach (Updating departments on new
library services, resources, etc.) 61 100%
Communicating departmental needs to library 61 100%
Reference 60 98%
Collection development 60 98%
Integrating library instruction into the curriculum through
collaboration with faculty 59 97%
Traditional bibliographic instruction 58 95%
Scholarly communication education 53 87%
Creating Web-based bibliographic instruction modules 52 85%
Other, please specify 19 31%
“Also curriculum development note that not all liaisons perform offer all services listed.”
“Attend faculty functions, host library functions, provide special technology services to faculty, assist with
e-reserves, assist with publishing options, advise on copyright, etc.”
“Communicating regarding Media Services (includes classroom technology) and Center for Educational
Technology (includes Blackboard).”
“Digital project consulting participate in recruitment &interviews of faculty consult on instructional
technology instruction of for credit course.”
“Digital projects supporting speakers and other programs.”
“EndNote bibliographic systems support.”
“Exhibits and digital projects.”
“Individual consultations.”
“Just the beginning for Scholarly communication education and varies among our 18 libraries education on
some issues done through promoting our institutional repository.”
“Library tours for new faculty members of consultations.”
“Outreach may target specific groups, i.e., graduate students.”
“Participating in faculty research teams program planning/delivery, e.g., working with faculty or other
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