30 · SPEC Kit 301
Liaison’s Department Assignment
8. Please indicate whether liaison activities are a primary or secondary responsibility for each staff
category. Check one category for each row. N=60
N Primary Secondary
All librarians 2 1 1
Most librarians 3 2 1
Some librarians 55 45 10
Other professionals 11 4 7
Support staff 8 8
Other staff 2 1 1
9. How are a liaison’s department assignment(s) determined? Check all that apply. N=61
Based on liaison’s subject expertise 58 95%
Based on liaison’s position 42 69%
Liaison self-selects the department(s) 16 26%
Distributed to equalize the ratio of faculty to liaisons 16 26%
Liaison follows an application process 6 10%
Other, please specify 17 28%
“Ability to work with users (interest and willingness).”
“As needs develop, sometimes it’s just a necessary administrative decision.”
“Based on best match with department’s needs.”
“Based on librarian’s educational degrees.”
“Based on the libraries’ needs. Sometimes liaisons do not have subject expertise but must take responsibility
for a subject anyway.”
“Collection development and instruction responsibilities are included in the job descriptions for some
librarians, primarily those in the Reference Department.”
“Comments re above: Liaison’s position by function (ILL, Reserve, Media Bookings). Self-selects: usually
within larger branches/divisions, e.g., librarian may offer to trade liaison assignments and/or offer to take on
an assignment during a study leave or when a liaison gap develops (vacancy).”
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