Liaison Services · 31
“Expediency in some cases.”
“Experience over time within the institution, i.e., historic precedent for the assignments.”
“Liaisons developing collaborative relationships.”
“Like subjects grouped with one person.”
“Need to cover for a librarian leave.”
“Often identified in the job description used in recruitment may change occasionally as the library department
adjusts staffing to meet its responsibilities and possible changes in staff resources [e.g., vacancies, extended
“Please note: for some librarians, this is a primary assignment, for others a secondary (with less time
“Some assignments made when positions recruited for others have been made from internal calls for interest,
based on interest and expertise.”
“The assignment is largely determined at the recruitment stage, i.e., we hire liaison librarians based on the
need to replace someone who has left. Sometimes there is a juggling of responsibilities to accommodate
changing circumstances or interests. This is always worked out in a collegial manner by the manager and the
pool of librarians in question.”
“Their knowledge of formats and languages. We recruit for open positions self-selection is vetted by
10. How many academic departments are assigned to a liaison? N=60
Some liaisons are assigned more than one department,
some are assigned only one 47 78%
All liaisons are assigned more than one department 13 22%
All liaisons are assigned only one department
If liaisons are assigned to more than one department, please indicate the minimum number
and maximum number of departments that are assigned to any one liaison.
Fifty-two respondents provided a minimum number of departments per liaison that ranged from 1 to 3.
Minimum Number of Departments N=52
Respondents N=38 N=12 N=2 Mean Median Std Dev
Departments 1 2 3 1.3 1 .54
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