Liaison Services · 21
If yes, then how? Check all that apply. N=60
Encourage liaisons to attend department meetings 56 93%
Market liaison services 56 93%
Other, please specify 41 68%
“Annual faculty/library meeting.”
“Collaboration with all faculty teaching in the First Year Experience programs, both Freshman Interest Groups
and Freshman Seminars. Connect faculty to library’s Media Services (including classroom support) and Center
for Educational Technologies. Contact faculty regarding specific courses. Contact faculty regarding using
multi-media such as videos/DVDs, art and music databases, etc. Contact faculty teaching courses that fulfill
the multicultural requirement and sharing info about ethnic or international collections and databases. Special
Collections identifying faculty whose courses use primary sources. Contact faculty regarding the library’s
undergraduate research award.”
“Collection development librarians will be soliciting departmental content for the institutional repository.
Instructional librarians are targeting specific departments and courses as well as Capstone seminars.”
“College librarians.”
“Conducting an assessment of liaison activities with the goal of enhancing effectiveness of our liaison
program, e.g., setting standards, etc.”
“Course pages, campus e-mail system, tailored Web sites, 1 on 1 consultations, partnerships with other
campus groups, increase subject librarians (aka Liaisons) visibility through open houses and non-library office
“Create linkages with faculty through courseware services, such as Blackboard.”
“E-mail communications Informal meetings/conversations Face-to-face meetings between heads of academic
departments/programs and library instruction coordinator Additional library instruction space created and
equipped with appropriate technology Look into new trends in software, such as clickers, to adapt to new
ways of teaching and learning Liaisons invited to events to which faculty are also invited, including members
of the Faculty Senate Library and members of the library friends’ group committee.”
“E-mails to departments.”
“Encourage department to invite liaison librarians to attend departmental meetings contacting particular
members of the departments.”
“Getting on Departmental Seminar Schedules. Meeting with director’s of Graduate Study. Working with
honor’s classes.”
“Have faculty receptions in the libraries work with department, curriculum committees.”
“Have various social events with departments during which we remind faculty of the availability of the subject
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