Liaison Services · 29
“One faculty member from the Library and Information Science Program has liaison responsibilities for Foreign
“Some subject specialists are not librarians by training, but hold positions that function as liaisons to
departments. Some systems specialists and catalogers in some departmental libraries are known as the library
contacts for the academic departments their library serve.”
“Two lecturers (non-tenure-track faculty rank) have liaison responsibilities.”
If support staff are assigned liaison responsibility, please list their position title(s). N=12
“Catalog maintenance assistant.”
“Cataloging Technician, Science library technician, Acquisitions technician.”
“Certain functions, e.g., Interlibrary Loan, Media Bookings, Reserve Services, etc.”
“In a few cases, support staff who are supervisors of subject-based branch libraries function as liaisons.”
“Library Assistant IV.”
“Library assistants and associate/professional staff, particularly at small campus libraries.”
“Library Specialist I and Library Specialist II.”
“Maps cataloger. Spanish bibliographer.”
“Most of the support staff assigned liaison responsibilities would be Senior Reference/Collections Assistants.”
“Paraprofessional service desk staff.”
“Support staff oversee book/document delivery, including taking and verifying requests. A copy cataloger
provides assistance in collection development for faculty in Chinese.”
“Very selective responsibilities in our business information center.”
If another category of staff is assigned liaison responsibility, please describe that category. N=4
“Assistant Head, Access Services—liaison to campus bookstore.”
“CLIR Fellow.”
“Heads for specific collection development/political assignments.”
“Of course some librarians and library staff have close interaction with faculty and students without the formal
liaison responsibilities since the services and resources they provide are not limited to particular academic
departments: Head of Special Collections &Archives, Head of Education &Outreach, Research Librarians for
Government Information, Reserves staff, Interlibrary Loan &Document Delivery staff, Multimedia/Technology
Center staff, etc.”
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