46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Training of staff and users.
Training staff to be able to support new types of technology.
Maintenance N=16
Maintenance. (3 responses)
Ongoing maintenance. (3 responses)
Equipment can break or malfunction.
For the laptops the biggest challenge is maintenance.
Keeping the tools up-to-date and well maintained.
Keeping tools in good repair.
Maintaining a large variety of equipment.
Maintenance and upkeep are additional challenges.
Maintenance and upkeep.
Maintenance of multiple devices and platforms.
Software and hardware maintenance.
Upkeep and maintenance of tools.
Technical support N=11
Technical support. (3 responses)
Difficulty in supporting combination of university-owned and student-owned equipment.
Getting someone qualified to repair the video cameras and still cameras.
How to provide technology support and content/reference support at point of need.
Library IT support for tools that often fall outside the profile of equipment routinely supported.
Responsibility for troubleshooting devices.
Support staffing.
Users not always sure how to use the technology.
We find ourselves providing support/training for the use of technology tools.
Public Relations N=8
Balancing promotion of use with available devices.
Communication between partners is essential and any breakdown can negatively impact services and user experiences.
Convincing Department heads it is really worth doing.
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