34 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
13. Who performs maintenance and repair for the collaborative teaching and learning tools? Check all
that apply. N=61
Library IT/systems staff 49 80%
Library staff other than IT/systems staff 30 49%
Parent institution’s IT/systems staff 26 43%
Commercial vendor 17 28%
Other person 5 8%
Please specify the other person. N=5
AV Library staff, IT staff, plus maintenance agreements.
Classroom Support Services provides some support for projectors.
College IT staff.
Out source.
Varies. Sometimes campus IT staff and sometimes library staff. Often these are under maintenance/repair contracts.
Financial Support
14. How was the initial purchase of the collaborative teaching and learning tools funded? Check all
that apply. N=62
General library budget 53 86%
Library’s IT/systems budget 31 50%
Parent institution’s IT/systems budget 21 34%
Student technology fees 20 32%
Grant funding 13 21%
Public/private partnership 6 10%
Other funding source 19 31%
Please specify the other funding source. N=19
Donations/donor funds 7
Other institutional departments 4
Endowment funds 3
Renovation/construction funds 3
Funding from library fines and fees 1
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