SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 39
Supports a combination of media and information literacy that involves many campus collaborators.
Supports campus initiative to include use of media in classroom instruction and student assignments.
Supports course integrated media assignments.
Supports faculty and student teaching and learning.
Supports faculty with many of the tools they need for their teaching.
Supports important part of student learning.
Supports more creative approaches to teaching and learning.
Supports our faculty’s teaching style.
Supports teaching and learning at the university.
Supports/promotes students’ research and collaboration skills.
Technological tools of this kind are often crucial to teaching methods and to specific academic expectations.
The installation of interactive whiteboards in group study rooms greatly enhances student collaborative work.
The library is providing devices that contribute to student learning.
The opportunity to display, share, or exhibit work with others.
To facilitate group study and research.
Users are provided with tools that support their assignments and learning styles in a comfortable and safe environment.
White boards and plasma monitors in group study rooms allow collaborative study.
Good publicity and outreach N=28
Allows us to reach people who might not normally visit [the library].
Brings students and faculty into our space.
Brings users to the library.
Broadens the identity of the library on campus.
Building community with library users.
Fulfills a user need, thus providing good PR.
Good marketing for the library as a technologically relevant place.
Helping to see libraries as beyond books.
Illustrates to the campus the diversity of activities the Library is equipped to support.
Improve image of the library by providing collaborative spaces/tools.
Increase number of patrons using the library.
Increased use of the library.
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