SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 43
Meets long-standing requests for this type of equipment by users.
Meets the needs of users.
More tools means more use.
Other units on campus have an outlet to satisfy student needs.
The tools support the way students and researchers want and need to work.
Keeps libraries relevant, up-to-date N=5
Helps the library remain a relevant and desired destination.
Helps us keep up with the technologies our patrons are using.
Increasing the relevance of the library to students’ lives and to the ways they learn.
Provided opportunity for library to be involved in research done on video games and language learning.
Seeing how our patrons use these tools helps us prepare for future services.
21. Please list up to three challenges of providing collaborative teaching and learning tools to library
users. N=58
Costs/ Funding N=40
Cost (4 responses)
Funding (4 responses)
Affording best tools and features for our users.
Balancing costs against budget for more traditional library materials (e.g., books).
Budgeting for continued access to the newest technology.
Buying apps.
Check-out laptops are easily damaged and expensive to repair.
Cost of maintaining devices.
Cost of maintaining equipment.
Cost of replacing equipment.
Cost of updating devices at a respectable rate.
Costs, particularly in maintenance for tools with heavy wear-and-tear.
Even free apps require having a credit card on file.
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