SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 27
Selected Comments
A videoconferencing system (Skype) is available for faculty use in a conference room. Other tools (gaming systems
and touch tables) are available through other campus facilities.
Clickers available through Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship.
Digital Union/Emerging Technology Center.
iPads are for checkout but also distributed as sets for classroom use. Usually for an entire semester.
Laptop: multimedia room. Videoconferencing systems: conference/training rooms.
Laptops are available for checkout through central Instructional Support Services ISS on campus.
SMARTBoards are available in some classrooms, and some union and dorm study rooms.
Media Center, general Circulation desk.
Media technology center provides over 3,000 pieces of equipment including audio and video recording devices.
Multimedia Services of the Information Technology Services provides classroom support on campus and offers clicker
and video recording hardware. The TECHB@R (operating in the library but organizationally part of Information
Technology Services) provides laptops, iPads, power adapters, and HDMI connectors.
Polycom available for reserveable conference rooms.
Polycom available in the dean’s office area.
Provided by our Academic Computing group within Information Technology.
Smart Boards: also in Cox Hall Computing Lab, Emory Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT). White-boards: also in
Cox Hall Computer Lab. Videoconferencing: also in Cox, ECIT. Interactive tables (media:scape): also in Cox. Personal
digital assistant: ECIT provides assistance.
The Polycom is available in a conference room in the Business Library.
The touchtable is in an exhibit area of our special collections library.
There are multiple computer labs across campus. Some offer webcams. The College of Mass Communications
and Media Arts checks out video and audio equipment to its students. Clickers are used by some instructors, but
students must purchase their own device.
Videoconferencing and videoconferencing devices: A number of university Academic Media Services classrooms on
Videoconferencing system is also available in a meeting room.
Videoconferencing system is also available in the Research Library’s “Big” Conference Room.
Virtual Desktop Software available from virtual servers, following authentication.
Web cams are mounted on public services staff computers. Polycoms are located in the conference rooms.
4. Does the library use any scheduling system to reserve any of these tools? N=62
Yes 46 74%
No 16 26%
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