SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 31
board technology is only available for teacher education students of the College of Education.
Most tools are available to all users. Some equipment requires training beforehand, some checkout equipment requires
faculty sign-off (via email), so that use of equipment for class projects take priority.
The headphones are available to anyone. All other tools are only available to university faculty, staff, and students.
The interactive white boards in the commons will be limited to institutional affiliates only—enrolled students, faculty,
and staff.
Video conferencing restricted to staff scheduling and use. Clickers also only used during librarian led sessions.
Video, audio, camera, and scanning equipment limited to faculty and graduate students although another campus unit
located within the library does lend this kind of equipment to undergraduates.
8. Does your library require users to complete any training or registration process before using
collaborative teaching and learning tools? N=61
Yes, training is required 15 25%
Yes, registration is required 26 43%
Neither training nor registration is required 26 43%
9. If training is required, please briefly describe the content and who provides the training. N=16
Hands-on training by library staff 9
At checkout by library staff 6
Brief training on terms of agreement 3
Brief training on basic functionality 3
Online tutorials/modules 2 current, 1 planned
Not required but by request 2
Workshops 1
Selected Comments
At the time of checkout, staff members in media services provide required training in use of audio and video devices.
Brief ten-minute training in-person training required for use of video, audio, camera, and scanning equipment. Training
conducted by member of Library’s Digital Collections unit.
Employees provide overview of use policies and basic equipment operation. Online videos being planned.
For conference/training room and its equipment, training on “rules of the road” and general how-to’s.
For some tools, there are no requirements. For others, registration is used to keep track of equipment, and some very
specialized resources (recording studios, multimedia workrooms) require workshop attendance or training before use.
Library staff provide this training.
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