28 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
5. If yes, please briefly describe the scheduling system (e.g., an online form within the library catalog,
a web form, in-person requests, etc.) N=46
In-person request 20
Web form 19
Commercial or homegrown LMS 13
Web form through loan of library classroom or study room 12
Telephone 12
E-mail 10
Commercial software 5
Online calendar 3
Used only during library instruction 2
Selected Comments
Because the interactive white boards will be located in group study rooms in our commons when it opens in Fall 2012,
they will essentially be scheduled via our group study reservation system which is web-based.
Classrooms are reserved through a home-grown system called LMS. Group rooms are reserved via Outlook. Other items
are checked-out via Voyager.
For the gaming consoles and the games themselves, we have placed records for them in the catalogue and students
check them out like a reserve item for a set period of time. The videoconference systems are booked on our staff
Exchange system.
Patron requests for equipment can be made via email those requests are scheduled using an online, departmental
calendar. Scheduling requests for additional resources and learning tools can be made through the campus Event
Management System (EMS). The library and the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons host four presentation
studios. The presentation studios offer a variety of multimedia resources (projectors, recording equipment) that students
and faculty may use for presentations. We have also discussed the prospect of using commercially available scheduling
tools/software for the library’s multimedia equipment.
The equipment does not require reservation but the group study rooms (technology rooms) in which some equipment is
used do require reservations. Online web form sued for requests and R25 room scheduling system.
PhPSchedule-it open source software on the library website.
Rooms with equipment (e.g., SmartBoard) and the Media:scapes are reserved via a web form or in person --these are
tracked in a special reservation system. Laptops are reserved in person but recorded in the library catalog system.
We have two online registration systems in place used to book rooms, which contain some of the technology/tools listed
in this survey. Both are web forms, available on the websites of the sites that maintain the rooms/technology. Rooms
can also be booked in-person and via phone. In addition, equipment that is checked out is ‘registered’ in some way.
Many of these items are ‘checked out’ like a book, which means we scan the barcode on the item and the user’s campus
ID (also library card). Check out of more advanced/expensive equipment is logged in a different way (by the lending
unit) and sometimes requires faculty sign-off.
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