SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 37
Please describe the other publicity method. N=13
Digital signage, e.g., slides, screen savers 7
Librarian/liaison outreach 3
Institutional website 2
Selected Comments
Digital signage and screen-savers used on computer workstations in learning commons.
Liaison outreach to potential faculty adopters.
Slide show in the lobbies/entry areas of each of the libraries.
Student Technology Fee website and information they make available to students.
We haven’t started our marketing initiatives yet, but we hope soon.
19. What techniques/strategies does the library use to assess the success of offering the collaborative
teaching and learning tools? Check all that apply. N=61
Informal user feedback 57 93%
Track the number of uses of each tool 55 90%
Track the number of requests for each tool 24 39%
Track the number of technical support requests for each tool 16 26%
Through formal surveys of users 26 43%
Other evaluation technique 13 21%
Please specify the other evaluation technique. N=13
Focus groups 3
Faculty surveys 2
Observation 2
Selected Comments
Counting Opinions Surveys.
Not every tool is formally assessed, e.g., whiteboards.
Recently established an Assessment Librarian position, charged with evaluating all library services, including support for
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