22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Collaborative Spaces N=11
media:scape workstations 8
Skype room 1
Media viewing rooms 1
Project lockers 1
Scanners/Printers/Copiers N=10
Scanner 2
Portable scanner 2
Large-scale poster plotter 2
Polyvision CopyCam 1
3D scanner 1
Imaging technology 1
Rapid prototyping 1
Storage N=9
External hard drives 3
Flash drives 3
Memory card readers 1
Memory cards 1
Zip drive 1
Plan to Offer N=2
Developing presentation practice studio space.
Media:scapes will be part of a scheduled renovation this summer.
Selected Comments
Although we don’t offer webcams as a separate item for checkout, our 160 Dell laptops have webcams installed in
Media:scapes. These are collaborative seating arrangements that have a large-screen monitor and table for laptops that
connect—with a switching device that allows users to quickly shift displays between connected laptop—or device such
as an iPad.
The library has plans to offer iPhones at one branch to explore the utility of mobile devices.
Video and audio recording is available in our presentation practice room only. We do not check out these devices. The
Polycom system is available in our Business Library, but it is available to the College of Business community only.
We have three interactive whiteboards but do not believe they are easy enough for users to operate. We previously
circulated laptops from our circ desks, but decided to discontinue the service. We are doing things to encourage
students to bring their own laptops instead.
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