30 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
they would find useful, but they didn’t know what to ask for. We will work with students closely moving forward. As
part of the new construction project, we worked with a technology consultant, the Sextant Group, they advised on
progressive tools such as the Tidebreak software and Magic PLanet.
Use Policy
7. Are the tools your library offers or plans to offer available to all library users or is their use
restricted to certain categories of users? N=61
All tools are available to all users 17 28%
Use is restricted to certain categories of users 18 30%
Some tools are available to all users other tools are restricted 26 43%
Please briefly describe any restrictions on the use of these tools (e.g., user category, institutional
affiliation, prior training, etc.) N=45
Institutional ID/current faculty, student or staff 36
Student Technology Fee or other grant specifically targeted to students 11
Faculty and graduate students with teaching assignments 9
Faculty and staff 6
Faculty 6
Library staff 6
Institutional ID and community users 4
Library classroom use 4
Specific college or unit 3
Students with faculty co-sign 2
Selected Comments
All equipment is available to anyone with a valid ID.
Devices that check out are available only to students and are paid for by student tech fees.
If tools are funded by student fees, use is limited to students.
iPads only available for students and faculty in teaching seminars we offer.
Laptops are available to all campus users, but not public patrons video conferencing is only available to students.
Media:scapes are available to all users, but can be reserved by faculty and graduate students. Laptops are available to
users with university IDs. Classrooms (with Smartboards) can only be reserved by faculty and librarians.
Most equipment for checkout (laptops, flip video cameras) and study rooms/videoconferencing are restricted to use by
students only. Non-interactive wipeboards not in study rooms are available to any user of the libraries. Currently, SMART
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