32 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Some items are hands-on training with staff member. We have used our student tech workers in the media center to
create some online training modules that users need to complete before receiving the equipment.
Studio media production lab provides online and hands-on training for complex equipment such as video cameras.
Training is required for the more complicated equipment. New Media Center staff perform the training.
Video conferencing equipment requires support/training.
We don’t require training, but we will usually meet with users prior to class or meeting to help setup and provide hands-
on training/demos.
10. If registration is required, please briefly describe the process. N=28
User agreement at checkout 15
Automatic registration at check out in library system or by web form at advanced booking 6
In-person registration with staff 4
Online agreement during reservation 1
Certification 1
Use of Event Management System 1
Selected Comments
Certification is required for some complex equipment.
Check out with student ID in library system (Voyager) as Reserves items.
Facilities are booked through a web form.
For certain products, such as iPads or Blackberries, staff must register with the appropriate IT or social media staff.
For laptop checkout, a laptop kit borrower agreement must be completed by the user. This agreement is kept on file.
For our laptops, users complete a User Agreement Form and the information is recorded in our Voyager system the
Kindles contain an online user registration form. None of the other tools requires registration. Use of the DMS requires
Some tools and resources require the user to register through the campus EMS (Event Management) system.
Students who wish to check out laptops, MacBooks and iPads must complete and sign an agreement form every
semester. They agree to certain responsibilities including how the equipment can be used and their financial obligation
in the event of theft, loss, and/or late return.
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