40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Increases the sense of the Library as “place” instead of just a facility to use a computer or check out a book.
It brings students into the library.
It makes the library a learning destination.
It’s additional draw to bring people into the library.
Makes us seem up to date, cool.
Making the library highly visible to current and potential users.
Many students come to check out a device and discover to other services and collections.
More traffic into library as instructors use new classroom spaces.
Not providing access to these tools would necessitate that they go elsewhere.
Promotes library’s role in supporting community’s collaboration and technology needs.
See library as a location for collaboration.
Students (in particular) realize that the library doesn’t just house books.
Students appreciate that the library offers more than just books to our patrons.
Students come to the library to use these teaching and learning tools.
These resources bring more people into the library and one of several ways that the library demonstrates it is relevant to
student success.
We are an innovation centre on campus.
Increases access to new technology N=19
Access to technology for at-risk students.
Allow members of community to experiment with some new technologies.
Encourage experimentation and innovation in use of technology.
Evens the playing field for economically disadvantaged students.
Exposure to the technology.
For a number of our students, provides access to tools they could not afford on their own.
Having these tools around means they are also available to library staff.
Increased awareness of capabilities of tools.
Introduces library users to new technologies.
Learners engage with new technologies.
Many of our students would not have personal access to collaborative teaching and learning tools we provide to them.
Provide a forum for the introduction of and experimentation with new technologies for library staff, students and
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