SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 45
Keeping up with new developments.
Keeping up with rapidly changing technologies.
Keeping up-to-date.
Older equipment becomes obsolete.
Picking the right technology to invest in, since gadgets can change very quickly.
Rapid changes in technology can sometimes make effective evaluation difficult.
Rapidly changing technology.
Replacing equipment with new version on a regular basis.
Some technologies are on their way towards obsolescence by the time a service for them is launched.
Staying up-to-date is a constant challenge.
The equipment becomes outdated relatively quickly.
Things change so quickly, deciding where to invest is a challenge.
Tools become obsolescent.
Training N=19
Training. (2 responses)
adds a level of complexity for library staff and requires more staff training.
Collaborative teaching and learning tools sometimes require a steep learning curve.
Complexity of the technology requiring staff with specialized skills.
Keeping staff up to date on tools as they change.
Learning curve for library staff to learn and master certain equipment.
Learning curve for students and staff.
Maintaining staff skills in using and repairing devices.
Needs for training of students/faculty.
Staff training /skills to support the use of those tools.
Staff training and staff capacity to support these tools and services.
Staff training in the use of these tools.
Staff training.
Training can be difficult.
Training for faculty and staff in learning these technologies.
Training Library staff on new skills and changing culture to accept rapid pace of change.
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