SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 33
Training and Technical Support
11. Who trains library staff to use and/or troubleshoot collaborative teaching and learning tools?
Check all that apply. N=58
Library staff other than IT/systems staff 47 81%
Library IT/systems staff 42 72%
Parent institution’s IT/systems staff 16 28%
Commercial vendor 13 22%
Other person 7 12%
Please specify the other person. N=7
AV Library staff.
Certain products, such as iPads and videoconferencing are handled by NARA staff. Some products, such as Blackberries,
are handled by IT staff.
College IT staff.
In some libraries, staff are trained by their LSPs (Local Support Partners), but many are trained by “super users” in their
It depends. Most troubleshooting is done and documentation developed by front-line staff. When necessary, IT staff will
help resolve technical problems. We intentionally wanted equipment and systems that were readily usable and wouldn’t
require staff help.
New Media Center staff are Library employees. They instruct themselves and each other on how to use new equipment.
Subject librarians teach a variety of multimedia classes that are open to students and staff members.
12. Who provides technical support to library users? Check all that apply. N=61
Library staff other than IT/systems staff 47 77%
Library IT/systems staff 40 66%
Parent institution’s IT/systems staff 17 28%
Commercial vendor 4 7%
Other person 4 7%
Please specify the other person. N=4
AV Library staff.
College IT staff.
For our Information Commons we also have campus IT staff assisting our users during many hours of operation.
Students (trained work study students).
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