36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Selected Comments
Friends of the Library.
Income generated through our Distance Learning Library Services program.
Overdue fines and replacement costs charged for overdue/lost electronic items.
Some maintenance is funded through the university’s IT budget.
Some of the products, particularly the Tidebreak TeamSpot software is gaining popularity across campus. We hope the
university will support a campus-wide license.
17. If the library charges a fee for the use of any of the collaborative teaching and learning tools,
please briefly describe which tools have use fees, the type of fee (e.g., per item, amount of time it
is used, etc.), and the fee amount. N=4
All rooms and equipment are available to all university affiliates (staff, students and faculty) for no fee. Some rooms/
equipment are available to those not affiliated with the university for a fee, according to [a set] schedule.
Late fees are charged on laptops. Fines for late return are $20/hour to a maximum of $200.
Some equipment is purchased through fines and replacement charges, but is not a line item funding source.
We only charge overdue fines of $5 an hour for equipment and $1 an hour for accessories.
18. How does the library publicize the availability of collaborative teaching and learning tools? Check
all that apply. N=62
Word of mouth 59 95%
Library website 56 90%
Mentioned in library classes and tours 54 87%
Signs and flyers 42 68%
Social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) 40 65%
Email communications 30 48%
Library newsletters 29 47%
Campus newspaper 16 26%
Other publicity method 13 21%
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