SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 35
Selected Comments
Donation for iPads. Library underwent a huge 2.7 million dollar renovation so interactive whiteboards part of that
Donation from campus athletics department.
Endowment for learning spaces.
In partnership with office of undergraduate education.
New construction funding and Student’s Union Grant funding.
Parent institution’s design office.
We have discussed using collection development funds for future purchases of e-readers &iPads.
15. Please enter any additional comments you have about the initial funding of these tools. N=2
Laptops and netbooks at one location were made available with funds from a credit union that wanted to make a
donation. The library identified laptops/netbooks as a resource to fund.
Some purchases have been collaborations between the libraries and the colleges with shared funding with student
technology fees.
16. How is ongoing maintenance and replacement of the collaborative teaching and learning tools
funded? Check all that apply. N=60
General library budget 50 83%
Library’s IT/systems budget 33 55%
Student technology fees 15 25%
Parent institution’s IT/systems budget 12 20%
Grant funding 4 7%
Public/private partnership
Other funding source 11 18%
Please specify the other funding source. N=11
Donations/donor funds 2
Other institutional departments 2
Endowment funds 2
Fines and fees 2
Renovation/construction funds 1
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