44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Funding for staff support to assist with the tools.
Funding for the tools.
Funding to stay current, purchase new tools, etc.
Funding to support the purchase, staff maintenance, and ongoing replacement of technology tools.
Funds to maintain equipment /account for depreciation are not always forthcoming.
Having a reliable budget for renewing and maintaining equipment.
Having sufficient funding to purchase all the devices we would like to have.
High cost of installation and maintenance.
Initial funding.
Loss and replacement costs.
Maintaining ongoing funding for updating the collection of tools.
Money to purchase.
Ongoing costs.
Our resources (staff, money, equipment) are fairly constrained.
Recurring cost of acquiring new equipment.
Recurring funding.
Selecting hardware and software on a limited budget
Staffing the check-out counter for laptops is expensive.
These ventures tend to be expensive, and funding is extremely difficult to come by.
We debated whether the e-readers are an appropriate use of collection development money.
Keeping up with Technology (Obsolescence) N=22
Keeping up with the technology. (2 responses)
Being aware of new versions or evolutions in teaching and learning technologies.
Evaluating new ones.
How often do we need to replace our laptop fleet?
iPads are challenging to keep updated.
Keeping abreast of rapidly changing technology.
Keeping current versions.
Keeping technology up-to-date and working properly.
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