SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools · 25
Wacom graphics pens 1 institution, 11 units
Portable DVD players 1 institution, 10 units
Collaborative Spaces N=11
media:scape workstations 8 institutions, 1 to 20 units
Project lockers 1 institution, 60 units
Media viewing rooms 1 institution, 2 units
Skype room 1 institution, 1 unit
Storage N=10
Memory card readers 3 institutions, 1 to 13 units
External hard drives 3 institution, 1 to 19 units
Flash drives 2 institutions, 4 to 25 units
Memory cards 1 institution, 13 units
Zip drive (no disk or cable) 1 institution, 1 unit
Other Tools N=9
Scientific/graphing calculators 4 institutions, 4 to 18
Transcription kit 1 institution, 2 units
Skype kit 1 institution, 2 units
Portable microfiche reader 1 institution, 1 unit
Pocket weather meter 1 institution, 1 unit
Chess set 1 institution, 1 unit
Scanners/Printers/Copiers N=5
Portable scanner 2 institutions, 1 to 2 units
Slide scanner 1 institution, 1 unit
Large scale poster plotter 1 institution, 1 unit
Polyvision CopyCam 1 institution, 1 unit
Selected Comments
The library is also considering the purchase of Windows based tablets. Subject specialists are also investigating
the possibility of providing a 3-D printing service for students and faculty. Subject librarians will meet with other
departments on campus to discuss possible partnerships that might bring a 3-D printing service to the library.
[Our institution] is a very large de-centralized institution and I have not attempted to collect information from other units
on campus that make these tools available to students.
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