41 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design WAVE, aXe, Deque products (WorldSpace, Attest), manual testing, screen readers, voice recognition software, color contrast checkers WAVE, Developer Tools WAVE, FAE UNL ChromDevTools, aXe, Totally, Funkify, NoCoffee WAVE, paciello colour contrast analyzer, NVDA (mostly), JAWS (not as much), manual/look at code, Adobe Acrobat PDF checker Wave, Web Sheriff Wave, WebAIM Color Contrast Checker WAVE: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool, Web Developer Toolbar, WebAIM Contrast Checker, JAWS Screen Reader (although not recently), Checklists provided by our institution (based on WCAG 2.0 standards) WC3 accessibility checker Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, automated testers (WebAIM WAVE, A Checker), manual testing (i.e., testing for keyboard access), screen readers (NVDA, Chromevox), colour contrast checkers (i.e., WCAG contrast checker, Snook.ca), user testing UNIVERSAL DESIGN 28. Has library staff received training on Universal Design principles? N=64 Yes 35 55% No 29 45% If yes, who provided the training? Check all that apply. N=35 Attendance at conferences, symposia, etc. 26 74% Our parent institution 12 34% An outside training provider 9 26% Other provider 12 34% Please specify the other provider of training on Universal Design principles. N=12 A workshop was presented by external subject experts. Architectural firm working on library renovation. Not specifically formal training, but information is provided throughout the renovation process. Librarian who is trained/well versed in UDL. Library and Office of Disability Services staff Library staff committees Library staff experts Library staff in the Accessibility and Learning Technologies working group Only library staff and faculty who attend some conferences that may have topics on universal design principles.
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