26 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses SELECTING AND PUBLICIZING SERVICES 13. How does your library decide which services and technologies to provide for users with disabilities? Check all that apply. N=65 Responds to requests by users 56 86% Campus or governmental ADA/disabilities office mandates which services and technologies to provide 36 55% Library coordinator recommends administration makes decisions 29 45% Institutional recommendation 22 34% Gifts donations for specific items 16 25% Library committee/task force makes decisions 14 22% Library coordinator makes decisions 12 19% Surveys patrons 9 14% Other process 14 22% Please briefly describe the other decision process. N=14 A campus center for students with disabilities advises and recommends purchases and services, but final decisions about resources and services provided are made by the library. Any services would be coordinated through the appropriate campus partner offices. Campus disability services office manages/helps manage the computers in the library’s assistive tech. center, so they make some decisions about software/technologies. Library committees make recommendations administration makes decisions. Library works with campus office for patrons with disabilities. Recommendation from institutional office of Student Disability Services Some decisions are made at the central IT level. Student Disability Access Center (non-library university office) makes requests on behalf of students with accommodations. Suggestions from patrons that come through staff at service points. The university’s Accessibility Plan outlines areas of compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) issued by the Ontario government. Library services are part of this plan. We collaborate with our Student Accessibility Services unit on campus to determine what tools and resources are required and what is appropriate to offer in our libraries. We have an Assistive Technologies Department. Work with campus DRC to make sure Libraries are meeting needs of students (library committee). Participate on IT Education Information Technology Accessibility Committee. Works with Kokua Program, campus disability office.
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