11 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design Flexible work schedules 48 73% Specialized software 45 68% Specialized office spaces (i.e., private office, access to natural light, wheelchair accessible spaces) 38 58% Specialized lighting (i.e., non-fluorescent lighting) 35 53% Other accommodation(s) 21 32% Please describe the other types of accommodations you have provided for library staff members with disabilities. N=21 A place to rest is provided telecommuting. A redistribution of work within a team when there is a work restriction. A scooter to accommodate outreach to locations across campus. Alternate format if needed. Automatic door openers to staff areas, that are not required as a matter of course by our building code. Foot rest, moveable tray-stations for keyboard that are attached to the desk, monitor stands, and a private room for those who are nursing, or may need to rest due to back issues. For a librarian who was deaf, we have provided sign language interpreters for certain meetings and special technology to assist with telephone calls. Full ergonomic and environmental reviews carried out by the office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety. Hearing services such as signers for meetings If the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity brings an accommodation request to library administration attention, these requests will also be honored. Also, all accommodation requests will filter through the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity to ensure consistency across campus. Lactation space Mobility scooter in the past: auto-opening door Provided a laptop and the opportunity to work from home. Provided headphones, earpieces, hand grabber devices, dust masks as accommodations. Re: flexible work schedules, we have never been asked for this but would be able to accommodate. Recently embedded strobe light alarms for a deaf employee in various rooms that this employee uses. Sign language interpreter for hearing impaired faculty Staff members are evaluated by an ergonomics team and provided with any recommended accommodations. This can include special chairs, wrist supports, footstools, or other accommodations as required. Telework, compressed work schedules, voice recognition software, interpreters, screen readers We do not have any recent cases where staff have requested accommodation, but if we did, we would make reasonable accommodations as needed. We have installed power-assisted internal doors. While the university provides disability van service, we have arranged for security staff to assist wheelchair-bound employee to get from parking lot drop off to inside of building.
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