24 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses PEARL camera, Da Vinci Pro HD/OCR, cassette player for older audio books, media conversion soft-/ hardware Public workstations have only a headphone jack. Sorenson video relay services workstation Standard headphones The AccessAbility Services office, separately funded by government, has some of these in their computer lab. There are plans to upgrade our iPads to the iOS 10 in order to install the Microsoft Seeing AI app that will allow users to scan and read pages from the print titles on our shelves. This would be managed by the campus office. Touchpad mouse, videophone Vertically oriented mice 11. What other specialized equipment is available in the library for users with disabilities? Check all that apply. N=52 Desktop Video magnifier or CCTV 34 65% Digital voice recorder 23 44% Small Magnifier (pocket/portable) 21 40% Large Magnifier 17 33% Braille Printer and/or Braille Typewriter 16 31% Braille embosser 14 27% Refreshable Braille Display/Braille personal digital assistant (e.g., Braille Sense) 5 10% Other equipment 14 27% Please specify the other specialized equipment that is available for users with disabilities. N=14 2Fuse raised-line creation (tactile imagery), white noise generators, happy lights full-spectrum lights 3-D printer (can be used to print Braille) 3-D tactile campus map for visually impaired Captioning of video is available through the Student Disability Access Office. Headphones and headsets with microphones are available for check out. Headphones, speech recognition kit Noise-cancelling headphones high-speed scanners with universal accessibility features (KIC Bookeye v.4) Note regarding braille printer and/or braille typewriter: located physically in main library. SARA Scanning & Reading Appliance, motorized scooter Smartpens, Trekker Breese GPS, Victor Reader Stream, Sorenson VRS System Tactile printer
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