19 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design Please briefly describe the other way(s) users with disabilities obtain access to specialized workspace in the library. N=22 Contact accessibility librarian. Contact us by phone, email, or text. Coordinated through central disability support office. Individuals contact campus disability services. OSD provides unique password for accessible workstations housed in the libraries. Registered users at our Disability Resource Center (DRC) are granted swipe card access. This is an “opt in” process via the DRC. Registered users may reserve time and check out a key to access the assistive technology room. Students can use study rooms in the ATC on a drop-in basis or reserve the room for four hours per day in advance. There is Kurzweil on all library computers, as well as height adjustable tables on certain floors of the library. This information is promoted on digital screens, as well as library website. Students who are registered with our Student Accessibility Services department are provided with access to an online calendar for booking closed-door private study space. SAS-registered students are able to use our AT/quiet study lab on a drop-in basis. The key to the study room with equipment is only available at the science library check out desk. The only specialized space reported so far has been assigning a carrel to a blind graduate student in one library so she might have her reader with her in the carrel. This allowed the student self-service access to the reserved carrel. The special service desk is the reference desk. We oversee the room. The special service desk, online reservation system, and keys are managed by the university’s Accessibility Center in the Accessibility Lab. Upon request to the university’s Center for Students with Disabilities. Users who are blind tend to call ahead. We don’t make users register. Our spaces are kept open when the library is open. Staff at general info desk will assist if disability resource staff are not available. We are here to provide equitable access to the full range of library services, resources, and facilities for students, faculty, and staff. Students access services through contacting Counseling and Disability Services. Faculty and staff access services through contacting the Employee Well Being office for a referral. We do not have any dedicated spaces for disabled persons. We do not provide specialized workspaces within the library. We have made accommodations for students upon request. We make referrals to the campus Disability Services office and the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center, both located in the library building. We sometimes receive requests through the Disabilities Office on behalf of a student(s). While a user could approach any service desk for help with any access issues, depending on the issue, we may need to reach out to the university’s Office of Accessibility Services for guidance. Not all staff are trained on the services and accommodations available.
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