31 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design Training Method Assisting Users Using Assistive Technology N Staff go to library conferences and get information there 28 16 30 Send staff to occasional workshops 24 14 29 Hands-on training from other campus staff 21 19 27 Hands-on training from coordinator(s) from the parent institution 18 15 23 Staff are entirely self trained 21 19 22 Hands-on training from IT staff 5 18 18 Online courses 13 13 17 Staff go to accessibility conferences and get information there 13 11 14 Outside consultants brought in for training 4 4 7 Send staff out to formal training program 4 5 7 Vendor training 1 6 6 Other training method 7 5 8 Total number of respondents 59 52 63 If you selected “Other training method” for assisting users, please briefly describe it. N=7 An ASL professor gave a workshop on best practices for interacting with deaf patrons. Library staff don’t directly provide services, it is done through Student Accessibility Services. Library Accessibility Services provides content and book retrievals only. Meetings of committees that oversee shared services for alternate format production and dissemination. The Assistive Technologies Department has trained personnel. They are not library employees. Training toolkit for library staff on Library Accessibility Services website provides resources and training videos. Video tutorials We are really working on this part. We don’t have any formal training program in place, so all of the above training would be pursued voluntarily. We work with the university’s Office of Accessibility Services. Staff may also pursue webinars or training from professional organizations on their own, or attend sessions at conferences. If you selected “Other training method” for using assistive technology, please briefly describe it. N=5 Additional training on assistive tech and assisting users is available by request for library units or on a consulting basis for individual staff. The Assistive Technologies Department has trained personnel. They are not library employees. The campus Disability Resource Center is the primary provider of training to the university community for use of assistive technology (rather than the university libraries). Video tutorials We have no formal training in place to train staff on using assistive technology in the library. However, some may have pursued training on their own or contacted the Office of Accessibility Services.
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