29 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design 17. If the library employs a designated person to oversee services for users with disabilities, please provide the position title, an approximate percentage of the time this person spends coordinating services, and the title of the person to whom the coordinator reports. N=30 Position Title: Time Reports to: Accessibility and Access Services Specialist .50 x 2 staff = 1FTE Department Head, Access and Information Services Accessibility Specialist 10% or less Manager within Learning and Teaching division of the library ADA Liaison for the General Library System 10% Associate University Librarian for Public Services Administrative Coordinator 5% Director of Administration Chief Strategist for Student Success 2% Associate Director for Materials Management Circulation and Reserves Supervisor 4 hours per month Head of Access Services Community Outreach Librarian Postdoctoral Fellow for Accessibility 20% 80% Associate University Librarian for User Services and Resource Management Coordinator for Disability Services 100% Head of Access Services Coordinator for Services for Users with Disabilities Head Librarian, Teaching and Learning Services Coordinator of Services for Patrons with Disabilities 25% Associate Dean for Public Services Coordinator, Library Accessibility Services & AODA Advisor 80% Head, Information Services & Resources Diversity, Campus Partners and HR Development Team Leader Associate Director, Public Engagement and Administrative Services Combined position: Head of Access Services and Library Accessibility Services (primarily for provision of content) Associate Dean, Information Services Head, Media & Accessibility 15% Director, Arts & Science Library Head of Access Services 2.5% Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access Inclusion & Accessibility Librarian 75 ~ 90% Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education and Librarian Personnel Administrator Information Services Manager/User Experience 5% Director of Access & Information Services Information Specialist 5% Director, Learner Support and Engagement Services Student Success Librarian Head, Learning Commons Liaison to the Student Disability Service Office 5% Libraries’ Accessibility Coordinator 75% Senior Associate Director Library Assistant 2% Head of Reference Library Instructor 5% Director, Teaching & Learning Manager, Library Accessibility Services 60% Head, Discovery and Access
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