14 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Knox Center Learning Technologies Laboratory, which is a mix of general and specialized workstations for collaborations and accommodation. Library is under renovation, and more accommodations will be available after completion. Note regarding assistive technology on workstation(s) in a one-person quiet room or other separate workspace: The university’s Assistive Technology Center is located in the main library. Our data/power infrastructure is robust enough to support users who bring in their own devices set up as they need them. Private assigned workspace (for academic session): BYOD with wireless network access bookable BYOD spaces (for more than one person) Specialized audio/visual hardware is available for use/check out at various libraries. Study carrel space adjusted for wheel chairs dedicated assistive tech lab/room. Sufficient clear space is provided at accessible workstations to accommodate users needs. All of the Libraries public access (non-staff ) workstations are managed by campus IT, so we are unable to provide information regarding assistive technology available to our users. The campus Disability Services office and the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center are both located in the library building and they have specialized services and spaces. The Libraries also circulates additional lighting. The university information technology unit will provide screen reading software upon request. We have a list of assistive software available at workstations in braille. We also have tabletop fans. We have adjustable lighting. We have interpretypes at the front desks. We have provided staff space when quiet space was required in one of our libraries that does not have one-person quiet room (most study rooms are not sound proof so Dragon software picked up conversation coming from adjacent room). The one-person and multi-person quiet rooms with assistive tech space is provided by the library but technology is provided by Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) We have the Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC) that is for students registered with the AccessAbility office. It is a public area, and we don’t have students sign/swipe in to enter the room. We also have ergonomic chairs at all the stations in the ATC. The quiet study rooms have dimmable lighting. We place technology where it is needed, upon request. Within all our public computing pools, we provide access to computers on motorized, height-adjustable tables with “yield use to persons in wheelchairs” signs on them. These aren’t assistive technology workstations but they have Jaws and Zoomtext installed on them, like all our public computers. Workstation proximity, i.e., close to entrance Workstations in quiet rooms
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