9 SPEC Kit 358: Accessibility and Universal Design Proxy services Referrals to Accessibility and Disability Services Office, Assistive Technology Lab, and Counseling Center Staff will offer assistance to complete the request in keeping with departmental services for extended assistance (such as consultations, returning at a later time for completed work, etc.) Staff will apprise users about campus assistance resources as appropriate, specifically the Kokua Program (office for students with disabilities). The Libraries has an assistive technology center (room) for users with disabilities to use assistive tech, remediation service (we will make inaccessible electronic materials from our collection—journal articles, ebooks, etc.—accessible and provide them to users). Check out authorization (users with disabilities can have designated person/people check out materials on their behalf ). The campus Disability Services office and the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center are both located in the library building so we make referrals there as well. We also have a library representative on the institution’s Accessibility Committee. We are a HathiTrust partner and participate in the HathiTrust Print Disabilities Access program (https://www.hathitrust.org/accessibility). We assist with finding study spaces conducive to needs. We help with campus resources (how to report and lack of accessibility on campus). We convert library materials to accessible formats. We assist with navigating campus. We have an Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC) for students registered with the campus AccessAbility Services office. We provide all new students with an orientation/tour of the space as well as the services provided through Library Accessibility Services. The ATC provides an open quiet study area with seven seats, as well as two study rooms for individuals for up to two people that can be booked online. In the ATC we also have lockers available for day use, as well as term loan if approved as an accommodation. In addition to providing research assistance in the ATC for students, I also do office hours at AccessAbility Services to assist students. We also provide alternate format for print library resources through Scholar’s Portal Accessible Content ePortal (ACE). We have an assistive technology room available. We have the equipment and space but the use of adaptive software is overseen by Student Accessibility Services at the university. We work with our student accessibility services department to provide complementary support services to students with disabilities. This also includes housing and maintaining the campus assistive tech lab, providing access to distraction-reduced and closed-door study space, loaning equipment such as smart pens on a “try before you buy” basis, research support, and locker loans. When working with institutional repository as publisher: provide faculty/students/staff involved in projects option to publish in accessible friendly formats. In process: creating workflows for accessible formats (IR) for submission and ad hoc requests. Project in process: conversion of ILL requests and course reserves to accessible formats. 2. How does a person with a disability request staff assistance in the library? Check all that apply. N=67 Approach any service desk 64 96% Coordinate assistance through another department (such as Disability Services) 58 87% Request an appointment with a specialist by phone 54 81%
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