30 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Position Title: Time Reports to: Operation Supervisor of Library Disability Services 40 hours per week Associate University Librarian for Collection Services and Analysis Reference & Instructional Services Librarian 1% Head of Reference & Instructional Services Research and Instruction Librarian 10% Head of Research and Instruction Department Social Work and Digital Library Technologies Librarian 10% Associate Dean for Learning, Research and Engagement Subject Librarian for Education 1 week/year Head of User Services User Experience Librarian Less than 5% Head of Research Services 18. Who has responsibility for interpreting applicable disabilities laws for library staff? Check all that apply. N=65 An ADA officer/disabilities coordinator in a central disabilities unit/office on campus/ in the parent organization 57 88% Organization counsel or legal unit 27 42% An ADA officer/disabilities coordinator or other designated person in the library 12 19% Outside counsel or legal unit 7 11% Outside consultant 0 0% Other position 8 12% Please specify the other position that has responsibility for interpreting applicable disabilities laws. N=8 Above, in coordination with university Wellbeing Office Affirmative Action Office Campus AODA specialist Diversity and Accessibility Officer In our case, an AODA officer Institutional counsel/legal unit Manager of Student Accessibility Services, Library Accessibility Working Group We consult with the AccessibleNU office (formerly the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities). TRAINING FOR LIBRARY SERVICE PROVIDERS 19. How do library staff members receive training about assisting users with disabilities and how to use the available assistive technology? Check all that apply. N=63 Training Method Assisting Users Using Assistive Technology N Webinars 30 23 35 Manuals 16 29 34 Hands-on training from coordinator(s) within the library 25 19 30
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